Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to add custom themes to Windows 7?

As you know, you can already add themes created by Microsoft by doing this:
  •   Right-click on Desktop > Select “Personalize” > Click on “Get more themes online”.

  • The Microsoft webpage will be opened, which contains number of theme they have created. And you can download and install them. But they won’t change the window style or anything, they just change colors and sounds, and the wallpaper and stuff. If you want to really pimp-up your windows 7 OS, you should use the 3rd party themes which are not built by Microsoft. For example check these out:
  • But to install above themes, you need special software called the Universal Theme Patcher. Download it by the link.
  • After downloading, run it as the Administrator.

  •       Click all three “Patch” buttons. Now you can install the cool 3rd party themes.
  •             Just go to a website with 3rd party themes, like the one I have provided you above, and download one of them.
  •             You’ll get a .zip file. I recommend using “7Zip” to extract the files.
  •             After extracting, find the folder called “Theme” in it, and copy the content inside it into the “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes” folder. The contents will include a “.Theme“ file with the theme name, and a folder with the same theme name. Here’s how I copied the .Theme file and it’s folder of a theme called “Sonic and Friends” inside the Themes folder. Highlighted is the copied stuff.

  •         Now close the folder and restart the “Customize” panel if it’s already opened, and you’ll see the newly added theme in it. Here’s how it appeared when I install the theme “Sonic and Friends”.

  •         Click on it to apply the theme. Here’s how my desktop looked like when I apply that theme.

                      That’s it.
                      Enjoy adding themes!

    Thursday, August 8, 2013

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