Thursday, December 8, 2011

Morning Text-To-Speech mess

I was using the Loquendo engine's Elizabeth voice (which is by the way a pretty good voice despite of it being a SAPI4) and other 3 voices of Acapela Telecom. Acapela voices are pretty convincing voices, and i liked them, and it served me well reading the lesson notes, the Stephen King novel i'm into these days, etc. But, few days ago Acapela engine started give me trouble. The voices would not load time to time and gave me errors. Some times it worked properly and sometimes it didn't, and i didn't know what's the problem was. Then day before yesterday BAM!, it stopped working completely -- couldn't figure out the reason.

So yesterday morning i started to try and find a solution. It was a mess. Acapela wouldn't work no matter how much i try.

Then i downloaded and installed AT&T Crystal -- it was not that bad, but not the best. Now i'm planning to download AT&T Indian voice, which sounds pretty cool.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coded a little App to keep hiding any running program window on Windows. [Source code included].

> Download [Exe+VC++ project files] (Windows)

How to save music files from an online radio station with Google chrome

1) Start the radio station. 

2) Listen a while 

3) Clear browser cache (don't close the radio station, keep it playing) and goto chrome's cache folder 

4) Copy the relatively big file starting with f_ to somewhere else. That's your music file you were listening to. Rename it to a name you like and give it the .mp3 extension. 

That's it

How to Add a 3rd Party Library into your NetBeans (6.9.1) Project??

[1] Goto Project Properties window.

[2] Right-click on 'Libraries' node and select 'Add Jar/Folder'. Select your lib and add. 

[3] The new lib will be added under the Libraries node. Expand the new lib node to view it's class names: ex. javazoom.jl.converter.

[4] Now import your new library into the project. ex. javazoom.jl.converter.*; Now the project should compile.

A VERY BASIC Java music player example for java lerners. JDK is not required for Windows users to run. Coded by me

Download EXE for Windows (JDK not required):

Download JAR for Linux / Windows (JDK required)

Download Netbeans project files

Got lots of bugs n' shortcomings. Sorry for that, t's the v 1.0 beta.