Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Power failure destroyed my Win7 boot

Ok so a sudden power failure messed up my Win7 boot configuration, preventing me to log in. I select the 'Start-up Repair' option, but before it get to the repairing the harddisk  seemed to stuck in a endless loop doing something. My mind said it could be a disk error, recoverable or otherwise. So i couldn't repair the startup.

But then, as usual, my Linux Ubuntu OS came to the rescue. I switched in to Ubuntu and it said there's a startup problem but not to worry she's fixing it -- like a master. It took a minute an said it fixed it and booted into itself. Now i restarted machine to check Win7, and this time it went directly to the repairing and fixed the boot (took about 10-15 mins to repair) and logged in successfully.

So Linux saved the day, again!

Monday, June 4, 2012

C# Database Programming Start-up Guide. Free E-Book

  So you wanna learn the basics of C# database programming? Then read along this booklet, and you’ll learn how to build your own database programs. In this guide we are going to create a Movies library for a Movies rental shop.  It’ll demonstrate things like: how to iterate and retrieve data from databases and display them on forms, how to add new data into databases, how to search a database, and how to display filtered data from the database etc.